Made in the USA

I use only Hermann Oak leather for my tooling products and either Hermann Oak or Wickett and Craig for my non tooled products. 

I buy only American materials whenever possible. I also buy top quality tools from American toolmakers. 

‚ÄčI do all of my stitching by hand. Each piece is completely handcrafted. I love how leather is beautiful brand new and only gets better with age.

About the designer 

I grew up training and showing horses in Western Pleasure and Halter classes. I have always had an appreciation for quality hand tooled leather. After a serious back injury I scaled down from horses to dogs, becoming a full time dog trainer. 

As a professional dog trainer I have seen dog collars of every shape and size on my students dogs and and on show dogs at dog shows. Many of them were poor quality and did not fit the dogs properly. I was often at a loss to tell my students where to find quality collars in this world of "box stores" and their mass produced items. Wanting a quality collar for my own dogs I asked a friend of mine, who was a tack builder, to make a few collars for me. That friend said she was just too busy making tack and caring for her horses to make collars but she was very willing to come show me where to buy the materials and gave me a few quick lessons. Armed with this new knowledge I created a few collars for my own dogs. Soon after my clients saw my dogs wearing their collars they started asking me to make one for them. 

Before I knew it I was asked to make other leather items, checkbook covers, belts and so on. Clawson's Leather was born. In no time at all quality leather items were being sent from the dog school in New Jersey to happy customers all over the county. I even created a custom cat collar for a special kitty in Australia!

I have not stopped learning the craft. I take classes every month and I spend countless hours at her bench just practicing. I put my heart and soul into every piece I design. When you buy a product from Clawson's Leather you buy a hand crafted, one of a kind piece. Nothing is mass produced. All stitching is done by hand. Hand crafted items take some time to make but the wait is well worth it.

Clawson's Leather

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