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Clawson's Leather

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Hard Core Hounds!

Spikes for all sizes. My most popular spiked collars are for Toy Dogs but I design them for all breeds big or small. 

 Hand Tooled Collars

The only difference between my hand tooled collars and my belts is size. I put the same time and care into these collars as I would if I were designing it for you to wear. 

Our Crystal Collars

I use only Swarovski crystal rivets on my "Bling" collars. They sparkle like diamond necklaces for your best friend. I carry a variety of crystal sizes and colors to fit your dogs personality.

The Clawson's Leather reputation was build quality, one of a kind collars. All collars are completely handcrafted with the same leather I use for belts. You have the option of standard solid brass hardware, nickel plated hardware or belt buckles. I use solid brass on all stock items unless otherwise stated.  Your dog will get noticed wearing a Clawson's Leather collar!